Electric, I mean, with the battery and motor cleverly hidden. WATT Mobility was founded in 2017 by Frans Nomden and Marc Jacobs.

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From vision to sketch, and from sketch to reality

Inspired by the fixie-style bikes from New York, WATT started designing minimalist models. Electric bikes for urban dwellers who prefer cycling over being stuck in traffic. Those who live consciously and healthily, and above all, enjoy cycling and the convenience of electric.

WATT bikes are designed in a unique way

Every WATT is electrically assisted, making it a comfortable alternative to your regular bike. WATT bikes are remarkably light thanks to the aluminum frame, lightweight accessories, and slim tires. The battery and motor are discreetly integrated into the frame, allowing you to effortlessly ride through the city in a style that suits you.

WATT has already won several awards, including 'Best Buy' in 2021 for the Boston and Brooklyn models. In short, it's a quality bike without frills for sustainable riding pleasure. Easy to maintain due to readily available parts and a growing dealer network. WATT brings everything closer to what you love, so you can enjoy your city life even more!

Experience WATT at one of our outlets or stop by in our own store

You can find us in the heart of Breda at Wilhelminasingel 1.

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