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Our ambition

A stylish electric city bike that looks like a normal bike. That was our idea which took shape in 2018: WATT Mobility was born. The e-bike market is growing due to political commitment, environmental awareness, and urbanization. Not only in The Netherlands but across Europe.

Together with you, we want to expand internationally with WATT. With a funding target of €1,000,000, we want to sell 20,000 bikes by 2027. Both online and through 800 resellers and service points across Europe. That means quadrupling the number of outlets of independent enthusiastic local bike shops embracing WATT.

Our vision Own the city

Cities are changing. Cars are banned, cyclists welcomed. Cycling through the city is clean, healthy, and fast on your timeless WATT e-bike. You have more fun in less time. Cycle to work, to school, to friends. Or just roam around. Take your bike on the road and breathe in life. Door-to-door without morning rush hour and parking stress. Be kind to the environment, take action: Reclaim the street and enjoy. Own the city.

Our growth is your return

Our ambition is to sell 20,000 bikes by 2027, through 800 European resellers and our webshop. WATT has experienced rapid growth since inception; sales increased from 1,150 e-bikes in 2019 to 2,600 e-bikes in 2022. A growth of 226%!

Ready to scale up

You enter a business with a 'reseller-first' omnichannel strategy that enables rapid growth while maintaining a solid after-sales service. A distinctive advantage over competitors. Ready to scale up with an organization of expert strategic partners for production, advertising, distribution, and after-sales services.

Solid investment partners

You benefit from our professional and driven investment partner Bloomit whose hands-on support ensures a solid foundation for your investment.

Strong brand

You will be part of a strong brand ready for international growth. With the success of their award-winning models Boston and Brooklyn, WATT has established itself as a prominent urban e-bike brand alongside market leaders such as VanMoof, Cowboy and Veloretti.

Booming market

Demand for e-bikes remains unabated in this so-called 'booming' market. The European e-bike market is expected to grow from €12 billion in 2022 to €35 billion in 2030.


Join us! Together, we are working on the transition to cleaner and liveable cities. Cars are out, bikes are in. Together we own the city.

Advantage packages

Invest from € 2.500
  • You become the owner of WATT
  • Receive a WATT hoodie
  • 25% discount on a WATT e-bike
Best choice
Invest from €10,000
  • You become the owner of WATT
  • Receive a WATT hoodie
  • 100 % discount on a WATT e-bike
Invest from € 5000
  • You become the owner of WATT
  • Receive a WATT hoodie
  • 50% discount on a WATT e-bike

What do we do with your investment?

WATT is ready to scale up internationally. And we would like you to be a part of it. With your investment, we can accelerate our rollout throughout Europe, strengthen our organization, and further improve marketing, product development, and customer service.

Product development
The customer is obviously the most important thing for us. So we always listen to customer feedback and try to incorporate it into WATT Bikes as soon as possible. For example, part of the amount raised will go towards making a smart removable battery.

Organisation & Team
Over the past few years, WATT has managed to achieve substantial sales growth thanks to the entire WATT Team. With the money raised, we will look for new WATT enthusiasts who can take the brand to the next level in terms of customer service, CRM, and automation. We also want to improve our supply chain and quality control to deliver even better bikes.

Marketing & Sales
We see opportunities abroad. By investing in online branding and awareness, we foresee a further rollout mainly in Germany, France, and the Benelux countries. We also want to invest in the online customer experience. With the ever-increasing focus on online sales, we think there is a lot to gain here!

Working capital
The most significant part of the investment goes to working capital. This is how we ensure that there are both enough bikes and enough bike parts in stock. This contributes to our after-sales service and to the increasing demand for e-bikes in general. With this investment, we are responding perfectly to the momentum and ensuring that we do not let go of this momentum.

Booming market

Demand for e-bikes remains unabated in this so-called 'booming' market. Spurred by political commitment, subsidies, and high investments in cycling infrastructure, the e-bike is becoming a serious alternative to the car. In hilly cities, consumers from "new cycling countries" immediately get on an e-bike and skip regular cycling. Thereby, e-bikes are preferred by increasingly younger urbanites because they are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and emission-free. Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, urbanization, congestion, emissions, and expensive petrol are reinforcing the growing transition from car to e-mobility in cities worldwide.

Booming market

Our bikes

WATT is a tough bike for the big city. Designed to stand his ground in the urban jungle. We minimized the number of components and optimized their purpose. We sourced sturdy yet light materials to meet the demands of daily traffic. WATT can take a beating. City proof to the max.

Investing is possible from as little as € 38

Become a co-owner. You can do this from as little as € 35. You can buy your share on Seedrs, Europe's largest and leading funding platform. Creating a Seedrs account and the verification is done in 5 minutes. After that you can buy and trade shares. All terms and conditions can be found in the FAQ below.

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