Payment services

When you place an order in the webshop, you can choose from the following payment methods:

  • iDEAL
  • Credit card (Visa and MasterCard)
  • Bank transfer
  • Gift card
  • Pay in 3 installments (Santander)
  • Pay afterwards with Afterpay or Klarna
  • eCurring 



Is a large expense not convenient, but you don't want any debts or extra costs? Then choose a spread payment in 3 installments without interest or loan and BKR registration. You pay in three installments within 60 days.

Place your order in the shopping cart and complete your order further. Choose as payment method "In3 spread payment" and click on "next step"

You will then automatically go to the In3 payment site to complete your installment payment.

You pay the first installment immediately with iDEAL. As soon as it has been received, we will deliver your bicycle. As soon as the next payment term has arrived you will receive an email from In3 with a payment request. For more information about in3, visit



Do you have certain reservations when buying a bicycle online? Then pay afterwards. You can easily do this by choosing "Klarna Postpay" or "Secure payment AfterPay" during the ordering process. You will only receive a payment request after you have received and accepted your bicycle. During the ordering process choose "Klarna after payment" or "Secure payment AfterPay" and click on "next step"

Your request to pay afterwards is now further processed by Klarna or AfterPay.


Click on "order"

Enter your date of birth and telephone number and confirm.

Your order has been placed.


To take out the Premium OnSite service subscription, go through the following steps

  • You fill in the requested information. We ask you to issue a one-off payment authorization.
  • The payment authorization is handled by eCurring. Via Ideal, they verify your bank account and record the direct debit.
  • When the payment authorization has been validated, the registration is complete and the subscription starts.