You naturally want to insure your new WATT properly. This is easy with the WATT bicycle insurance from Qover.

The WATT bicycle insurance from Qover

Qover offers excellent theft insurance whereby your bicycle is covered for the new value for the first three years. You can also extend this insurance with additional damage insurance. Your bicycle is then covered against damage as a result of an accident, vandalism, flooding, fire, and other external causes. Assistance is also provided in the event of a breakdown. For example, if you have a flat tire or if you lose your keys.

Read here the exact conditions and what to do in the event of damage or theft

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How do I take out the insurance?

You can easily take out the insurance online when you buy your bicycle. You then immediately pay the first annual premium. As soon as your WATT has been delivered you will receive an email with the request to provide your unique frame number. After that, Qover activates the insurance. You will then receive a confirmation email with your policy schedule, general terms and conditions, and the withdrawal form. Your contract has a term of one year and is tacitly renewed every year.